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Our knowledge of labels is unsurpassed in the industries we serve.

Laser Imaged Labels

• Familiar with all nuances of labels utilized in the pharmacy and retail industries.

• Specialists in die-cutting, top-coats and materials for a wide range of applications including distribution labels, retail point-of-purchase and all label needs of retailers and institutional pharmacies.

• Products include shelf labels and talkers, prescription sets, tote labels and picking labels.

• Laser printer output ranges from 8 to 135 pages per minute.

Thermal Imaged Labels

• Familiar with a wide range of applications and printers.

• Specialists in specialized materials and adhesives used in retail and pharmacy environments.

• Expertise in all applications and the demanding durability requirements of distribution, shelf edge, and pharmacy applications.

• Image permanence

• Ultra-violet radiation and heat resistance

• Print-head contamination

• Scuff resistance

• Chemical resistance

Continuous Form Labels

• Specialists in all continuous form label applications such as cold fusion laser, heat fusion laser, ion deposition printing and impact print technologies.

• Specialists in specialized materials and adhesives used in retail, pharmacy and distribution environments.

We have significant experience in all production aspects of labels such as specialized materials, inking, technology, top coating, packaging, process control, pre-press, art, adhesives and die cutting.